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Our 16-day program offers the opportunity to ascend the three highest mountains in Ecuador:Chimborazo (6,263m/20,549ft),Cotopaxi (5,897m/19,347ft) and Cayambe (5,789m/18,993ft) in a program whose acclimatization has carefully planned and optimized.

Participants must have basic knowledge of progression in rock, snow and ice. The slopes are moderate. The program includes the review of basic techniques before ascents.

Participants must be in very good physical condition. The ascents can last between 10 and 12 hours and are carried out at altitudes between 4 and 6 thousand meters.

Acclimatization to altitude is essential for the safety and success of the participants. The program has been carefully designed to provide adequate acclimatization. Our mountain guides will continuously monitor the participants to make sure that everyone is adapting to the gradual increase in height.

Although weather patterns have changed, Ecuador can still be said to have two mountain seasons: June to August (although winds are sometimes strong, with August being the windiest month) and November to February. Cotopaxi creates its own microclimate and has the highest number of clear days compared to the rest of the great volcanoes and its ascent can be attempted most of the year. For safety reasons and to increase our chances of success, we climb mountains with glaciers at night. This is because the snow conditions are better and safer due to the low temperatures and the weather tends to be more stable and clear during the night and the first hours of the morning.

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