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Glaciar school

Ecuador, due to its easy accessibility to mountains with glaciers, offers an unbeatable opportunity to learn in the field the essential skills for mountaineering at height. The main objective of our Glacier School is to ensure progressive technical learning in combination with risk management and decision-making to maximize safety in the practice of the activity and ensure the development of individual and group confidence, instilling at the same time values that will translate into responsible mountaineering once the program has been completed. The levels range from Beginner through Intermediate and culminating in Advanced.

family package

Rock Climbing School

Rock climbing is a unique activity / sport. Our goal is to provide our students with the technical and methodological skills that will help them in their learning and growth as climbers and in achieving their goals. The development of the school goes through various levels of learning and training, from beginner to advanced with an emphasis on safety.


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We work with certifiedguides, members of the Ecuadorian Mountain Guides Asosiation


All our guides are IFMGA certified
(International Union of Mountain Guide Associations)

Leave no trace

We work under the leave no trace programm principles (outdoor ethics set that promotes outdoor conservation)


La Gasca OE9-180, Quito 170129

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